Film applicator for polystyrene

Machinery for continue application of the aluminium film over polystyrene panels

Applicatore di pellicola su polistirolo

Automatic system for the panels production, used for the covering on floor heating plants. The function of the machine, is the continue application of the aluminium film over the polystyrene panels. The machine is completely automatic, the operator  must load the polystyrene panels, and unload the finished panels, the cycle time for one panel production is about 20 sec/panel.

The machine with simple manual regulation can join panels of different dimensions, and it is prearranged for an automatic reel machine, this to roll up the finish product in reel.

Automatic operations:

Continuous panels feed
Glue distribution on the film
Film feed in synchrony with the glue distribution
Coupling and pressing film + panels
Application of side protection paper
Automatic film cutting
Panels pre-cutting by hot wire in case of rolling up in the reel
Rolling up in the reel in case of pre-cut panel

Dimensions: 7000 x 1800 x 2000 mm (length - width - height)
Pass-line: 800 mm
Weight: 800 Kg
Feed tension: 400 V
Auxiliary tension: 24V dc
Absorbed power: 8 Kw
Maximum panels dimensions: Length = 1000 mm  / Width = 1300 mm /  Thickness = 90 mm


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